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Powering More Than Light

Over 150 million people in West Africa have no access to electricity.

They spend up to 30% of their incomes on poor quality, polluting fuels like kerosene, candles and batteries, and often have to travel many miles simply to charge their mobile phones.

Our solar solutions power lighting, phone charging, radios, TVs and fans – the perfect answer for an off-grid home plagued by expensive, unsafe, and inconsistent access to power.

Customers who earn less than $3 per day
Customers who have no access to an electricity grid
Customers who have never had access to financing or credit before

Financial Inclusion

We work with some of the poorest people on the planet. 82% of our customers report that financing from PEG is the first experience they have had with a loan. Half of our customers earn under $3 per day.

More generally, less than a third of West Africans have bank accounts, and many of our customers are completely shut out of the banking sector. By providing products on credit to our customers, we can start to build up a credit history for our customers, and this credit history can be used for additional loans or services, bringing them closer and closer to the formal financial system that has ignored them.

Asset Ownership & Savings

We are focused on helping off-grid households gain ownership of useful and productive assets they want and need. Every mobile money payment to us from a customer is a payment towards outright ownership, and after the loan term, our customer owns the asset.

We expect our customers to save up to $1000 over the life of their solar home system because they no longer have to purchase kerosene, candles or batteries. That’s a pretty big deal for a household which earns $3-$10 per day.

In this way, we are taking a household’s perpetual spending on poor-quality, polluting fuels and using it to help them build asset ownership.

Job Creation

We are very proud that we have created 1000 jobs in the countries we work in – and we are just getting started! The majority of the jobs we have created are in rural and peri-urban areas where opportunities are limited.

In this way, we contribute directly to the economic vitality of the communities we serve. We invest significantly in training and development of our people, and believe that our team is our best and most valuable asset.

Healthier Families

The fumes created by the use of kerosene create upper respiratory infections which cause more deaths in sub-Saharan Africa each year than malaria and HIV combined. In addition, candles and kerosene cause many deaths each year through accidents that result in fires. Since women and children spend more time in the home, they are disproportionately affected.

Our solar solutions eliminate these risks.

We’ve Designed Our Approach for Our Customers

“Things have become easier for me after acquiring PEG, I get to enjoy bright lights all day whiles keeping up with my hobby; reading - I read a book every month.”

Teacher SamAmotare Eastern Region, Ghana

Building Strong Communities

We’re committed to improving the lives of people in every community we work with.