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Introducing Ghana’s Only Strawberry Farmer (we think!) and how PEG Ghana’s solar water pump solution helped him to this groundbreaking achievement!

Meet Mr John Mensah…

John is a local farmer living in a remote and off-grid area in the Ashanti region of Ghana who had a dream of growing strawberries on his farm. Crazy? Strawberries in Ghana? As the picture shows this was not a crazy idea and this could just be the beginning of a lucrative new business.

John initially planted 2000 strawberries on a 0.50-acre farm plot, irrigating it with an electric pump which was proving very costly to run. A few weeks later, he visited the PEG service centre in nearby Agogo and became very interested in the PEG solar water pump he saw.  It not only looked both more efficient and more environmentally friendly than his existing set-up, he also saw it as a cost-saving opportunity for his fledgling business.

John followed his instincts and acquired the PEG solar water pump and as a result has been able to plant ten times more strawberries on his farm than before. A major benefit of the solar solution is that John has access to year-round drip irrigation even when the weather is hot and dry. This has really led to a step change in his business and positioned it for further dramatic growth.

The next step in the journey for John is to buy large tanks to store water so he can irrigate a bigger portion of his land and extend the area under cultivation. This may mean that many more Ghanaians perhaps unfamiliar with juicy sweet strawberries will get the opportunity to taste them very soon!

A final note; John is so happy with his PEG product and the service he’s received so far that he now wants to acquire one of PEG’s pioneering new solar refrigerators to help preserve the increasing crop of strawberries his farm is producing! We cannot wait to see how John’s business develops in the coming months and years!

If like John Mensah you are looking for a durable, cost effective  and environmentally sustainable irrigation system for your farm, do not hesitate to contact us today so that we can help you to find the best solution for your business. PEG solar water pumps can be installed after the payment of a small deposit with the balance to be paid in monthly installments over an extended period of time.

(P.S. if you are looking for beautiful strawberries, please contact John!)

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PEG is a leading pay-as-you-go financing company in West Africa, operating in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Mali. PEG provides credit for useful and productive assets to underserved customers, and by doing this, we help customers to gain ownership of assets that they would not otherwise be able to afford. Importantly, as customers pay off their loan to PEG, we start to understand their credit history, which is a valuable tool we can then use to provide for additional loans for products and services.
PEG has earned many prestigious awards including the International Ashden Award (UK) for Innovative Financing, Inclusive Fintech 50, and being named by London Stock Exchange as one of the Fast Growing Companies in Africa. More recently PEG was recognised as an Energy Access Champion for West Africa, and won awards in Ghana for ‘Small Business of the year’, and ‘Off-Grid Energy Supplier of the year’.  More information can be found at