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How PEG Africa’s Solar Water Pump Is Helping a Farmer to Greatly Expand his Business!

Meet Mr. Agyemang Kudom, a cabbage farmer located in Kintampo, Bono East, a richly agricultural area in the centre west part of Ghana.

Mr Kudom had started to grow cabbages on his farm for the first time, using watering cans and an electric pump to irrigate 0.25-acre of farmland. However, he found that the cost of this operation was prohibitive, as he was forced to power his pump using diesel.  Apart from the high price, the generator was creating polluting fumes that were damaging the environment and creating a noise which disturbed the tranquility of his local area. Most of all, Mr Kudom was worried about the impact of the diesel on the health of his family.

Following a visit to his farm by one of PEG’s field agents, where he was introduced to the PEG range of solar water pumping systems, Agyemang decided that it was the perfect opportunity to change his method of irrigation to a cleaner, renewable and more sustainable solution.

He told us :“I have been looking for a reliable supplier of solar pumping systems for a while now, and when I discovered PEG, they definitely impressed me and came out strongly compared to the others. I particularly like the speed with which the field agents and company deliver their commitments, and the pump solution is working perfectly.”

Having acquired the PEG solar water pump, Mr Kudom decided he would expand the land given over to cabbages since he was now able to irrigate throughout the year, even during the dry season. As a trial, he increased the area where he planted cabbages from 0.25 acres to 2 acres, and has enjoyed a very successful harvest, earning four times the cost of planting and harvesting.  Mr Kudom was so happy with the results that he now plans to install drip irrigation kits to make the farm even more efficient and drive even bigger profits.

Another huge benefit of the PEG solar water pump is that Agyemang can grow cabbages even in the dry season and benefit from the higher market prices available when supply is limited. We look forward to seeing Mr Kudom’s farm grow from strength to strength over the coming months and years.

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(For the best quality cabbages, please contact Mr Agyemang Kudom!)

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