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What It Means to Work at PEG

Professional Growth

Staff at PEG tell us that the potential for professional growth and the ability to build a successful career are top reasons they work for us. We walk the talk on this. 50% of our employees in senior management started off at PEG in junior level positions.

As a leading social enterprise in West Africa, we have also been able to attract top local and international talent to our organisation. This makes us a great environment to learn from the best. When we find talent, regardless of age or seniority, we give additional responsibility early and often.

We prioritise creating opportunities for our team to grow professionally at every stage of their careers. To support this, PEG’s Learning and Development team offers ongoing development opportunities through classroom training, career coaching, online learning, as well as external learning opportunities.

A Culture of Performance

We have big ambitions at PEG, and we believe the only way we can achieve them is through hiring great people and creating a great culture where they can thrive.

Our culture emphasises the importance of being a team player while getting great results. We are on a mission to make the lives of underserved customers better, so we don’t have time for ‘big men’ or company politics.

Our culture of performance allows team members to be transparent about successes and failures as individuals, while creating a safe space where it is OK to make mistakes. We continually strive for better results, and we help each other to improve through frequent feedback.

PEG's Model of Leadership

Our leaders are driven by the mission of our organisation, and believe that their personal success relies on the success of their team.

PEG Leaders extend trust and empower their teams through delegation and coaching. PEG’s leaders are performance driven, and push their teams towards success, but they work with the team to do it, rather than telling the team what to do.

We have an open door policy and a friendly work environment, and PEG’s leaders drive this from the front.

PEG has helped me to find my purpose in life and my professional growth has been tremendous with passion, excellence and determination.

Ebo Ferguson YanksonPEG Ghana

When I first joined as an intern, the culture was infectious and I immediately felt the pride and sense of purpose from the impact we are making in the lives of our customers.

Julian AyimPEG Ghana

I must say with passion and excellence, growth at PEG is assured!

Ebenezer LampteyPEG Ghana

PEG encourages growth, all you need is to be determined and passionate with whichever role you find yourself.

Bless AtrekuPEG Ghana

I took advantage of every opportunity for growth. My decision to grow myself and others while providing excellent customer support has helped me reach where I am today; A Customer Experience Manager here at PEG.

Linda CofiePEG Ghana

The work environment at PEG is excellent in the sense that there is good communication within the company; This encourages and creates real exchanges among the employees.

Goue Dehi ArsenePEG Cote d’ivoire

PEG has a healthy and pleasant work culture. The relations between employees and managers do not suffer from any barrier in the sense that one could approach the other (Manager) as easily as possible.

Aka Kouakou BertinPEG Cote d’ivoire
Our business provides clean energy, creates financial inclusion, jobs and healthier families.

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